Tuff Form Wet Room System

Independence with Elegance

For nearly thirty years, wet room systems have been widely accepted as standard installation practice in Europe.  Today, FULL access products is pioneering the concept in the US with the Tuff-Form Wet Room System. The Tuff-Form Wet Room System revolutionizes the design of a typical bathroom, with myriad of styling options.

Homeowners now have the ability to expand their palette in designing a bathroom that is truly their own. The Tuff-Form System is not only a stylish option but a sensible one that combines functionality and versatility in its application.  Leave all inhibitions at the door; the Tuff-Form System is what you make it.

A Room with a View

Personalize your bathroom into the oasis of your choosing.  The Tuff Former provides the foundation for a truly unique space designed with your tastes in mind.

Expand Your Experience

Wet Rooms can transform any small current tub space to one that is much larger.  With more open space, taking a shower is no longer a daily task but an experience.

Seamless Design

The Tuff-Form System incorporates the principles of universal design to allow access for those of all ages and abilities. With a shower as attractive and stylish as one fitted with the Tuff-Form System, why not allow everyone to enjoy it?

There’s No Former Tougher than a Tuff Form Former

The Tuff-Form Former is five times more durable than recycled plastic formers. Due to its rigidity, the former will not warp or deform in temperatures reached in typical bathroom settings.

  • Tested to withhold 560 lbs. (up to 1000 lbs. with additional crossbrace reinforcement)
  • Tested om temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit; perfect for radiant heat
  • Made of solid Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) commonly used in cars, aircrafts and boats
  • A proven product with +100,000 of installations worldwide

AKW’s high-quality Tuff-Form Former products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty, excluding normal wear and tear, in general domestic applications.  See product Warranty for details.

Tuff Form Wet Floor Formers are extremely versatile allowing for endless possibilities.

  • Formers can be placed in bathroom corners or alcoves
  • The wet room system can be extended beyond the size of the former to increase the size of the showering area
  • The offset drain location allows repositioning of former to avoid joists
  • All formers can be cut to length within 6″ of the drain to be installed with great versatility without losing the structural integrity

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